Swisscoin Startup Event in Frankfurt. A short video overview

We present to your attention a small video overview of the official presentation Swisscoin Startup Event that took place in Frankfurt July 2, 2016. All day at the event a festive mood was prevailed, after the meeting with the management team of the company it became obvious that SwissCoin is a very folk, accessible and ambitious project.

Folk- because until now, every person, who has registered had received 100 Coins as a free gift. Accessible - because the company's management and its owners do not break the internet under false names, but show us the true face, communicating with each of us, answering all the questions and requests, and listen carefully to our advices.Well, and ambitious because we know what can be more reliable than Swiss banks, and thus then the SwissCoin? So we are on the right track!

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